International Women’s Day: Techie molested at bus stop


Waiting for bus or trouble?

Tvm: A lady IT professional working in Technopark, Trivandrum was molested at the bus stop today morning where she was waiting to catch her bus to Technopark.

This incident happened at the Medical College bus stop in Trivandrum when this techie was waiting for the Volvo bus which goes to Technopark. The fact that this happened in broad daylight, at 9 in the morning and at a place hardly 100 meters away from the Medical College Police Station, speaks volumes about the safety of our women on the roads. That this happened on the International Women’s Day when the Women’s Reservation Bill is set to be introduced in the Parliament shows the reality and the hardship, women face everyday.

According to the techie, who does not want to be identified for obvious reasons, a middle aged man who got down from a bus started making comments. Initially she ignored him thinking he was drunk. But when he came towards her and tried to push her, she fought back giving him a good push and he fell down. Her specs broke in the scuffle. She then called 100 and they put her on hold for a good time before she could report the incident. After this she went to the Police Station which was just two or three buildings away.

What appalled her was the attitude of the bystanders who were more concerned with the guy’s fall than what happened to her, “Not a single person came forward to help!” This 31 year old lady, who has been in the IT Industry for about 12 years, goes to Technopark usually in her own vehicle. The techie who takes the bus once in a while said, “It’s very difficult to travel in the ordinary bus because of the pushing and pinching that one has to face. I was planning to take the Volvo bus as it’s safer for women. But then, what had to happen, happened at the bus stop itself!”

Meanwhile, this guy coolly took another bus and went off by the time the Police call party rushed to the spot after being informed by the control room.

Binu Sankar, CEO of GTech (The Technopark Group of Companies) who came to know about this incident said, “We are concerned about the security of the female employees in Technopark. Trivandrum is loosing out on moral values. We are meeting up with police officials next month to discuss about the general security and we’ll also take up the security of the female employees of Technopark.”

Though shaken and petrified by the incident, this lady dressed in a stiff cotton saree, went to her office by the next Volvo bus and today evening she will be participating in a quiz being organised by the ‘Network of Women’ in her office as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations!


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