The Year That Was


We have been thinking about starting a blog on Kerala IT News ever since the website was launched in 2009. We had many of our readers also asking for a blog from the Editorial Team. Infact we have even got mails to start a ‘provocative’ blog. Provocative or not, only time will tell that but right now we would like to use this space to communicate with our readers and also to hear from you.

Well, there’s a time for everything and we feel this is the right time to start this blog as we complete one year. One year since we started working on the ‘Kerala IT News’ project. We had our first unofficial meeting at the Technopark Guest House over couple of drinks when some business journalists from Trivandrum got together to cover an event. Btw, this wasn’t the original name of the project. It was started as ‘Kerala IT Parks’ but as the idea and the website developed, we felt we were restricting ourselves by naming it as ‘Kerala IT Parks’ and so, after much brainstorming, we decided on ‘Kerala IT News’. The initial meetings were held between a team of three journalists and a PR person but as the project developed, a potential ‘conflict of interest’ area was identified and resolved without much damage. (Is it wise to have a PR person in the Editorial team?)

As we prepared for a formal launch, a core team comprising of Sanjeev Ramachandran (ex Business Standard & Indian Express), Sabeer Kasim (ex Web Duniya) and Anil Philip Varghese (an Online Media Professional) was formed along with consultants from the IT industry and media. November 18 was decided as the date but we had to postpone the event as our Chief Guest (IT Secretary) had to go overseas for an important tie-up. Finally, the big event was held on December 1, 2009.

One year is a long time for a start-up and there is lots to write. So please bear with us as this post will remain incomplete for some time. Hope you will come back for more. Till then, bye !!


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