Applexus announces new services in SAP HANA platform


Tvm: Applexus, an IT services and solutions organisation based in Seattle with development centres in Technopark, Trivandrum and Infopark, Kochi, has announced its services in SAP HANA platform which empower organisations to hasten best business decisions based on real-time data access. SAP HANA is an appliance that combines SAP in-memory technology with hardware, empowering organizations to gain instant insight into their business operations, in order to analyze all the data available and quickly react to rapidly changing business conditions.

In a release, Sam Mathew, Managing Director, Applexus Technologies said, “From its inception, Applexus has always had a focused investment in new and niche technologies in SAP. HANA is seen as the game changer in enterprise IT due to its immaculate ability to analyze large amount of information in the wink of an eye. Today’s dynamic market situations require quick results and quicker decision making and SAP HANA is the answer to it.”

Nagarajan Anantharaman, CEO, Applexus said, “It is our passion to provide services in niche technologies as we have exceptionally talented people who master technology for the love of it. Our people have been well trained in SAP HANA and are ready to go”. With the SAP HANA platform, organizations can now run complex analyses such as simulations and pattern recognition in seconds, enabling sweeping innovations in the way they run their businesses.

As data continues to grow exponentially, Applexus helps organisations to improving performance, manageability and real-time analysis with SAP HANA. Applexus offers end-to-end services in SAP HANA including Strategic Services, Information Management Services, Infrastructure Services, and Information Access services. Applexus’ Global Delivery Centres have already been equipped with the appropriate infrastructure for simulated environments and internal practice development. The company has a group of well trained and certified consultants who are adept at end-to-end implementation and RDS deployment for SAP HANA in CO-PA, Operational Reporting, Customer Segmentation and Sales Pipeline Analysis.

Applexus is a global provider of next generation SAP & Mobile Solutions, Services, Products and Packaged Services.

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