Data entry without typing, now a reality with Applexus’ xScan


Tvm: Applexus, a leading IT services and solutions organization based in Seattle, has launched a new SAP add-on product that helps organisations scan, read and post documents in SAP. Upon embarking on a market research by Applexus, it was found that organisations grapple with processing of hundreds of documents every day to post them in SAP. Moreover, the manual operation undertaken by organisation is costly, error prone, corrective measures are laborious and resource consuming. xScan was devised and developed to help organisations overcome this tedious task.

Speaking on the launch, Ganesh Kumar V, Vice President, Applexus, who is also in charge of Global Delivery said, “xScan is a versatile product which helps you park and post documents in SAP with a single click. xScan automatically recognises each field of the documents along with its format and fills in appropriately from the furnished copy before parking to SAP.” As the product is customisable on several layers, depending on the business and industry need of each organization, xScan can provide tailored solutions to enhance the processes and business of client organizations. At a time when companies are seeking ways to reduce their running cost and improve ROI, xScan is a ‘must have’ add-on product.

Applexus is a leading SAP services and solutions organizations and a global provider of next generation SAP & Mobility Solutions, Services, Products and Packaged Services, headquartered in USA with Global Delivery Centres in Technopark, Trivandrum and Infopark, Kochi. xScan is the product of research and intense hard work that was initiated at Applexus’ Global Delivery Centres in India, aimed at providing innovative solutions in SAP.

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