Kerala MLA courts trouble over posting draft bill on Facebook


Tvm: V T Balram, a first time Congress MLA from Thrithala, near Ottappalam in Palakkad District was reprimanded today in the Kerala Legislative Assembly by the Speaker, Shri G Karthikeyan for posting the draft of his Private Bill, on the social networking site Facebook. Balram had posted the draft of his proposed Bill on wages and working conditions of nurses and paramedical staff working in private hospitals in the State for eliciting views, comments and suggestions from the public.

Terming the act of MLA as unfortunate, the Speaker said that the draft of his Bill was in the public domain even before it was introduced in the House. He should have got the necessary permission before posting it online. A private member’s Bill is usually sent to the Law Department first and then brought before the Business Advisory Committee for being allotted the time to be introduced in the House. Putting the Bill in the public domain before getting the approval of the Legislative Secretariat was violation of the Assembly rules and accepted procedures. But the Speaker added that he was not taking any punitive action against him as he was a first time MLA and not aware of assembly procedures.

Balram had posted his draft bill on his Facebook page which he uses to connect with his supporters. He mentions on his page that his supporters give him sincere advises and feedback on his political and development activities. He got almost 100 comments on his page. He had responded saying that he hoped to incorporate all valuable suggestions when the bill is finally presented during the next session. The same was also posted on a Google group in which he is an active member.

Meanwhile, netizens have come out in hordes in support of the young MLA. Most have expressed the opinion that this is the new age of social media and its time for the elders to recognise the power of social media.

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