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Tvm: With the pass percentage of students admitted to engineering colleges alarmingly low, students with accumulated supplementary papers are quite common these days. PassTheExam.in, a professional initiative launched by Trivandrum based Career Center, addresses this major socio-economic problem by mentoring students faced with back papers in various engineering courses in universities across Kerala and Tamil Nadu, to start off with.

Launching the initiative, G Vijayaraghavan, Member, Kerala State Planning Board said, “This service will be of vital interest to thousands of students who do not fare well in their engineering exams. The mushrooming growth of private colleges admitting larger number of students who are ill-equipped to handle a rigorous academic regime, poor quality of faculty and indifferent teaching the weak coupled with the weak selection process at the entry-level selection process are the root causes for the poor performance of our engineering education in India.”

Prof. K N Radhakrishnan Nair, Principal Advisor, PassTheExam & former Professor, CET, Trivandrum said, “Through a uniquely developed counselling and personalisation plan –  which took almost two years for us to develop, the programme ‘assures the student understand the real gaps, focus in real issues and solve volumes of previous questions in the exact levels of quality expected in the real examinations’. One-to-one professional counselling and subject foundation building sessions equip students to face the exams at ease”.

According to V V Vinod, Executive Director, Career Center, “Every student’s approach to the next examination will be a tailored project plan with success as the only option. These projects are manned by a balanced group of enthusiasts – working and retired professors and engineers with credentials from various universities across the country. We are not an online tutorial or a conventional tuition centre. Trial runs of the programme have been going on with active participation of students for the last five months and the first batches of PassTheExam students getting ready for their upcoming examinations feel the difference already. Gradually, we will cover other courses too.”

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