Wintertochter @ Goethe Zentrum on December 01


Trivandrum: Continuing with the tradition of screening critically acclaimed and beautifully woven movies, this Saturday, it will be the award winning movie Wintertochter directed by Johannes Schmid at the Goethe Zentrum in Thiruvananthapuram. The 2011 movie, also known as Winter’s Daughter, portrays a young Polish girl’s search for her Russian sailor father.

Wintertochter won the Professional Jury Golden Sparrow award for Best Screenplay in 2011 at the German Children’s Film & TV Festival and the Film Award in Gold for Outstanding Children or Youth Film at the German Film Awards in 2012.

The second feature film by Schmid again proves his sensitivity to young people, a sensitive coming-of-age connects with a cross-generational drama for young and old alike.  The Odyssey of Catherine, called Kattaka, in search of her biological father and her lonely neighbour in search of their lost homeland through Germany, Poland and Russia, ends in reconciliation.

Entry is free for the screening that starts at 7 pm. For information and seat reservation, please call 0471-3013018.

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