Visual IQ announces Marketing Optimization Software upgrade


Kochi: Infopark based marketing intelligence firm Visual IQ today announced the release of IQ Sage 3.0, an enhancement of its attribution management scenario planning software module. The software utilizes historical marketing performance data to quickly and easily predict future performance and produce customized media plans that utilize the optimal combination of tactics required to meet specific budgetary, conversion and cost per conversion goals.

Media plans have historically been based on last-click performance metrics, an antiquated process that has come under fire as more marketers have realized the inaccuracy of such metrics. Sage 3.0 enables marketers to avoid the use of this flawed information and deficient media plan outputs by using historical marketing performance data that has been run through Visual IQ’s marketing attribution software and is more precise. Marketers can quickly and easily explore multiple different media plan scenarios on-screen and review several ‘what if?’ scenarios, and then produce an executable media plan without the time, effort and cost to perform live tests of potential strategies and tactics.

The latest release introduces several notable features that solve real-world challenges faced daily by media planners, buyers and analysts, including: User Collaboration Knowledgebase, Media Plan Constraints, and Optimal Media Plan Generation and Execution.

“The science and application of attribution management is evolving extremely quickly, so we are working even harder and faster to stay ahead of the curve,” said Manu Mathew, CEO and co-founder of Visual IQ. “Our commitment to responding to specific needs expressed by our clients that we are confident and will be welcomed by the larger advertising community. They asked for new features to keep up with their changing media planning needs, and IQ Sage 3.0 has delivered.” 

Visual IQ produces the world’s most powerful cross channel marketing intelligence software products.

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