Saltmangotree forecasts growth of Indian Digital Media industry


Kochi: The Kochi based digital media company, Saltmangotree, has forecast that 2013 will witness an explosion in the digital media market in India. Brands and organisations that have not yet started in digital media are expected to take the leap and design their entire marketing strategies to centre around the digital marketing phenomenon. As such, the digital media industry is set to grow three times in terms of revenue and size, as compared to the present.

“Digital marketing has become more than serious to brands now. Online reputation management (ORM) has been the talk of the town for quite some time and brands have been going all out to tackle their online reputation and brand voice. In fact just the ORM element itself is a big piece of the market now, there are agencies specialized in just doing that. However, 2013 will be the year for brands and organisations to actually unlock the value of digital media by integrating their marketing strategies to digital media,” said Andrine Mendez, CEO Saltmangotree Creative Marketing Communications.

Andrine sees the redesigning of Marketing strategies to suit digital media, than a just ‘me too’ attitude to digital marketing. For most of those companies which had been very disconnected with their other marketing activities, digital will turn to be the focus point. Another hot trend that is happening is the tryst to catch up with the mobile marketing field. “Mobile has been the most challenging medium for marketing so far. Integration with the mobile market is important as mobile internet in India has overtaken desktop usage. This means that there are more peopel accessing the internet on mobiles than from desktops. To not try to leverage the market, will mean being left behind by the competition,” he added.

Organisations are using digital media like never before and this year it gets even more competitive. Spending on this front is definitely going up, but is no where close to international standards as of yet. Brands will be a bit cautious on their online spending as finding an ROI (Return on Investment) quotient for online marketing has been quite difficult.

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