UST Cricket League kicks off


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Tvm: The third edition of UST Cricket League (UCL) got off to a start on March 20, 2010. 56 teams from 14 groups of UST Global’s Trivandrum Centre are playing the Initial League round matches. UCL Season III for the UCL Trophy will continue till May 2010.

The matches are held on all the weekends, starting yesterday at the Technopark Cricket grounds. The first two days saw some exciting high scoring matches between various teams. It’s an eight overs a side match with no fielding restrictions. Every team is allotted 30 minutes for bowling its eight overs. The matches are played in accordance with ODI rules as established by the ICC and subject to the interpretation of the Umpires and the organizers.

What is most significant is that every team should have at least two ladies in its eleven players who go on the field. There are penalty clauses in case a team is forced to take the field without any ladies playing for them. If a team has only one lady in its playing squad, the other lady cannot be substituted by a male player. If a team is playing with only one lady, she cannot leave the field except in the case of very severe injuries (at the discretion of the umpires).

UCL has been the training ground for some of UST’s finest cricket talent. UST Global has performed very well at the Technopark Cricket Matches.


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