IT firms at Infopark Koratty plan expansion


Thrissur: As the IT industry in India continues to grapple with high attrition rates, companies at Infopark’s off-city campus at Koratty are bucking the trend thanks to the region’s low cost of living, good road connectivity, hassle-free roads and proximity to leading educational institutions.

Most of the IT service providers at the State-run IT park located at Koratty have recorded surprisingly low number of resignations in the past few years and are finding it easy to attract employees as they expand operations.

“A number of surveys had projected very high level of attrition rate across Indian IT industry. However, companies at Infopark Koratty were largely able to retain their workforce; the location of the park has played a key role in this regard,” said Hrishikesh Nair, CEO, Infopark.

Chinmay Varma, VP – Engineering, Qburst, said he had received only two resignations in the past two years; and those were all for personal reasons. The company employs around 144 IT professionals at the Thrissur campus. “Qburst is looking to recruit more freshers in the coming year as it plans to scale up its operations in Infopark.”

Harikrishnan, Founder, Zinemind, said that the company had zero resignations in the past year. Zinemind, which started off two years back at Infopark Thrissur with three staff, now employs around 30 people. “The location is favourable for finding employees. We are also recruiting people from metro cities like Bangalore and they are finding the place convenient to settle down with their families.”

Francy Antony, GM, Braddock Infotech said three people had resigned from the company in the past two years, which is very low compared to the attrition levels in cities. “Cost of living is very low here, which is seen as a positive factor by employees. Also, a large section of the staff here are fond of the rural atmosphere in Koratty.”

Jothish Kumar, Technical Director, Yoptimizo, noted that low pollution and hassle-free travel are the major advantages of the location for his employees. There were zero resignations in the company during 2015.

Infopark Thrissur at Koratty, spread across 30 acres, houses nearly 30 companies, employing over 700 IT professionals.

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