UK’s water utility company selects Infosys for biz transformation project


Trivandrum: Infosys today announced it has been selected by Welsh Water to manage substantial elements of its IT estate in a transformative deal lasting up to 10 years, one of the largest IT deals in the UK water utility sector.

The deal will see Infosys take responsibility for setup, migration and execution of data centre facilities and services, managing critical network links and business applications, server and storage management, together with transforming and managing internal network communications and IP telephony services and infrastructure. The deal extends beyond running core IT infrastructure to include managing essential projects in the IT ecosystem including virtualization, operating system strategy, database platforms and more. Infosys will partner with Vodafone to deliver communications services over the infrastructure being managed.

Welsh Water is the sixth-largest of the ten water and sewerage companies in England and Wales, serving 1.4 million homes and businesses, three million people and supplying 828 million litres of water every day.

Central to Infosys being selected to undertake IT services for Welsh Water was its AiKiDo next generation services framework. AiKiDo is designed to help clients address three key aspects of their business: a non-disruptive renewal and simplification of their existing IT landscapes; introduction of new IT offerings and business models in a dynamic business environment; and creating a culture of IT innovation in their organizations. Welsh Water also visited Infosys’ utility customers and the heart of its operations so they could see first-hand how Design Thinking works, and to become more integrated with the company as a trusted partner.

The selection of Infosys follows an intensive two-year competitive tendering process and builds on Welsh Water’s 15-year heritage of external IT provision and management that has allowed the company to focus on its core operations of water delivery, safety, sewage provision and water infrastructure management.

Rajesh K Murthy, Executive VP & Global Head of Energy, Communications and Services, Infosys said, “Infosys will support Welsh Water’s day-to-day operations and deliver business change through technology innovation and best-of-breed services. This will allow Welsh Water to concentrate on maintaining and delivering front line service to the people of Wales.”

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