SmartCity Kochi project to be completed in three years: Chief Minister


Trivandrum: Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today announced that he has received the assurance that the upcoming SmartCity Kochi project would be completed in three years. The decision came after the Chief Minister had a high-level meeting with the SmartCity Kochi authorities which resolved to complete the construction of the project within a three-year deadline.

The CM also said that the development plan was to create one lakh jobs in SmartCity Kochi by 2020. He made it clear at the meeting that a review report of the project should be submitted every year.

According to the contract with SmartCity, the plan is to build 88 million sq. ft. buildings out of which 67 million sq. ft. would be for the IT Industry and the balance 21 million sq. ft. would be for non-IT sector. Currently, only six and half million sq. ft. building has been completed by the developers.

It may be recalled here that ever since the SmartCity Kochi project was announced in 2006, it has been mired in controversy. The project has moved at snail’s pace after the first foundation stone was laid in 2008.

The CM was given the assurance that the construction of 60.5 million sq. ft. building space will be completed before 2020 and it will be fully for the IT sector. In addition, the construction of facilities for the workers in the IT sector would also be done. It was decided to hold the next meeting of the SmartCity Kochi Board of Director in August at Kochi.

Jaber Bin Hafez, Vice Chairman of SmartCity Kochi; M A Yusuff Ali, Director Board Member & also Chairman of Lulu Group; Dr. Baju George, CEO & MD, SmartCity Kochi; Nalini Netto IAS, Additional Chief Secretary; and M Sivashankar IAS, IT Secretary; were present during the meeting with the Chief Minister in Thiruvananthapuram today.

However, contradictory to what he said earlier, the Chief Minister while making a statement in the Legislative Assembly on June 28 said that the SmartCity Kochi project will be ready only by 2021. This clearly shows the uncertainty in this dream project which was started more than a decade ago.

Last updated June 29, 2016

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