Sparkling Apps launch Bable for automatic translation of SMS


Trivandrum: Sparkling Apps B.V., the Technopark based Dutch mobile app development firm has launched a new translation app – Bable. Bable is being promoted as app that helps everybody to speak your language.

Describing the app, Martijn van der Spek, CEO of Sparkling Apps said, ‘Being based in India, we see the challenges of using different languages and different alphabets while communicating with others. With this app installed, you can automatically translate any incoming and outgoing messages. For you, it basically means that everybody will speak your language. It uses your regular SMS messages and contacts. So you can write a message in Malayalam, and the person you send it to will receive it in their own language. You will receive the reply from them in Malayalam again.’

According to the developers of the app, Bable will recognize the language of people when you receive a message. It will then use a translation to that same language when sending the message out. You don’t have to worry about any of this though, for you it will all be your own language!

By default, Bable will take use your device settings to determine your language. But you can change this in the app settings as you like. The app supports all popular languages and alphabets.

The app is available on Google Play store and an internet connection is required for translations to be active. You can receive messages offline and these messages will be translated as soon as you are online.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News