Rescue Kerala portal for effective flood relief management and relief support


Trivandrum: Kerala has seen the worst floods in the recent past and Rescue Kerala ( is an effective collaboration and communication portal developed for use by the Government authorities, volunteers and the public to enable support to the needy ones.

Rescue Kerala portal is a joint initiative by the Govt of Kerala, Kerala State IT Mission and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This portal has been developed by the IEEE and Students from Kerala Chapter and has over 300 volunteers enrolled from IEEE to support this activity.

According to a press release, the following are the major features of the portal:

1. Through this portal, various camps or public citizen can raise requests for items they need by pacifying minimal information such as District, location name, number and the items required. This will be monitored by the Points of contacts in each district, under the district administration. District Administration can facilitate the supply of requested materials from the collected items.
2. Volunteers across Kerala, irrespective of the organisation, group, location can register in this portal and update their collection points, if there any, to the respective district Points of contact so that it will be updated in the portal as well. Contact details of the Points of contact in the districts are also available at the portal. Once we have all the volunteers onboard onto this portal, this would provide the most effective mechanism for the communication of the needs, coordinated collection of materials in an optimal manner across locations etc
3. This portal helps the district administration to publish the Points of contact, list of items required for the district and any important communication from the district administration to public time to time.
4. A facility has been included in the portal for any potential citizen, who wishes to contribute by specifying their name, number, location and the list of items planned to contribute.
5. This is an open portal, which provides a view to all with the list of requests received and its status.
6. Volunteers and contributors can register from any parts of the world and can connect with the district administration or Govt of Kerala to share their contributions.

More volunteers will be added both towards the development and for the collection of various items across Kerala, keeping their hands together for a common cause to help those affected by the floods.

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