IT Mission to coordinate live webcasting from 3,622 sensitive polling booths


Trivandrum: Live webcasting solutions will be implemented by the Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) in association with Keltron, BSNL, Akshaya and KSEB, for 3,622 sensitive booths across the State during this election.

According to a press note from KSITM, the webcasting facility has been introduced with the solution provided by Keltron, connectivity offered by BSNL, uninterrupted power supply from KSEB and Akshaya entrepreneurs under the supervision of KSITM. BSNL has played a pivotal role in providing high-speed internet connectivity in polling stations and giving real-time feeds to the main control room at the Collectorates.

Akshaya centres provided the manpower, webcam and laptops for webcasting in each polling station. The operators were trained by the software team and the District Project Managers (DPMs) in using the software and they did a trial run before the poll day today. The Akshaya activities were coordinated at the district level by DPMs.

In order to view and monitor the webcasting, control rooms were set up in the state level at KSITM head office and in all district collectorates. Respective Election Deputy Collectors & DPMs will coordinate the activities related to webcasting and control rooms in district collectorates. The control room was arranged with sufficient systems and staff so that webcasting in each and every sensitive booth is constantly viewed by staff and monitored.

A control room was set up in the state level in office of Chief Electoral Officer also. The control rooms in district level and state level were manned by BSNL, KSEB, Akshaya and officials from District collectorates to ensure effective coordination. The roles and responsibilities of different agencies were mapped and informed well in advance. At the district level, DPMs have coordinated the activities with district administration, Akshaya entrepreneurs, BSNL and Keltron and the central team will be provided with all required support at KSITM head office level.

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