The last post, Adieu!!


Ten years back, we embarked on a journey, a journey to showcase the IT industry in Kerala to the world. And that was the beginning of Kerala IT News, the first State centric comprehensive news portal on the IT & ITeS industry here. It was an enriching and satisfying experience as in a few years time we went on to become the largest repository of news reports and articles related to this industry in Kerala.

Over these years, we covered the launch of several IT related projects, some which were successful and some which have failed to take off even after all these years. We have covered the rise and fall of several IT companies and start-ups, and we have exposed a few. We have also played our part in bringing a few companies to Kerala. We are very sure that we would have added immense value to several companies’ brand visibility and credibility online.

But was this a financially rewarding exercise? Not at all! Over these years, the readership of our news websites have increased and while more and more companies want their news to be covered and featured for free, far fewer were adverting with us. Irrespective of the size or age, most IT companies in Kerala just want free publicity. Over the last ten years, we have carried all their news for free but the moment you ask for an advertisement, they come out with some silly excuse or just disappear. What they fail to understand is that as independent online news publishers, advertisements are our major revenue source and if they want a platform for publishing their PR stuff, they need to spend something to keep it running.

The advertising revenues have fallen and today we have reached a stage where we find it difficult to sustain our operations forcing us to pull down the curtains on this news website. We haven’t been updating the site for the last few months and today, on the tenth anniversary of our launch, we are formally announcing the closure.

However, we would maintain the website archives for some more time while we continue to focus on our other websites, Kerala Rail News and Kerala Biz News.

As we say adieu, we would like to place on record our appreciation for our readers through all these years.

With warm wishes,


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