Experts call for effective steps in E-waste management


Trivandrum: The exponential manner in which e-waste has been piling up in Kerala currently makes it imperative that management of such hazardous waste should have the involvement of all the citizens, both from urban as well as rural areas, according to Satish Sinha, Associate Director, Toxics Link.

Inaugurating a one-day workshop on Roadmap for Sound Management of E-waste in Kerala at the Park Centre in Technopark, he said the process needs to have effective intervention from multiple stakeholders such as the industry and manufacturers, regulators and the citizens.

Pointing out that the Pollution Control Board and the people, who are consumers of electronic products, have a greater role in kick-starting a result oriented process on e-waste management, he added that dealing with waste collection assumes prime importance in such a process. All consumers have the responsibility to ensure that e-waste is recycled / managed in a very effective manner.

Prof. Sasi Kumar, Principal MET College of Engineering, Mala, in his keynote address, dwelt upon the hazards of e-waste generation and voiced apprehensions over the desire of the people towards owning newer electronic gadgets without realizing the ill effects of dumping older products.

Calling upon the multiple stakeholders, who deliberated on how to create an effective roadmap towards better management of e-waste in Kerala to urge the government to seriously consider the recommendations that are being put forward so as to translate them into actions, he said what Kerala needs at the moment is investment in hazardous waste treatment and recycling plants.

Dr. H Lekshmi Kantha, Senior Environmental Engineer, Karnataka Pollution Control Board, in his presidential address, made his point by elaborating on the e-waste management efforts taken in his state and the results that have come about.

Topics of deliberations focused on topics such as E-waste issues and perspective, Rules and regulations, Initiatives taken in Kerala towards e-waste management, Learning from Karnataka, Role of municipalities, Producer take back, Bulk consumer perspective, Recycling solutions in Kerala and health hazard and other issues as well as potential of e-waste management.

The workshop was organized by Toxics Link, in association with Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), Kerala Pollution Control Board and Technopark- TBI.

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