IT@School to set up 140 Model ICT Schools


Tvm: The IT@School project would implement a Model ICT School programme in selected High Schools in all the 140 constituencies in Kerala. The programme is aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning process at school, equipping the teachers and students to make maximum use of ICT tools available at schools, thereby setting up their school as the ultimate Knowledge Hub and also as a model for implementing a complete ICT enabled educational system.

According to Anwar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School Project, “By upgrading the school as a Model ICT school, every teacher in the school would be extensively trained in IT and subject wise ICT training which would indeed equip them to create their own digital contents by making use of the available resources at schools and also to upload these contents to a general online repository”. As the first step for rolling out the Model ICT School programme, the Education Minister Shri M A Baby has individually requested all the MLAs of the State to nominate one High School in their constituency by August 15, 2010 to be included in the programme.

As part of the programme, as many as 5 classrooms in the selected schools would be upgraded to Smart Classrooms wherein ICT tools such are Multimedia Projectors and Laptops would be installed. The IT@School Project would provide financial assistance to the schools for setting up these Smart Classrooms as well as the teacher empowerment and content development processes. The school authorities can make use of the MP / MLA / LSG / PTA funds if they intend to make more numbers of Smart Classrooms in their school.

The Model ICT School programme would see the schools being upgraded to a higher level of knowledge acquisition process, with the active involvement of School IT Coordinators (SITC) and Students School IT Coordinators (SSITC), who would invariably contribute to the content generation process. The programme would also facilitate content sharing activities between different schools which would in turn benefit the students to a great extent. The Model ICT schools would also possess a unique monitoring system with the help of a School Management Software which would include a comprehensive database of all details of teachers and students. This process would also enable a better documentation process and report generation of various activities at schools which would also include enhanced evaluation processes.

With the setting up of 140 Model ICT schools, IT@School Project foresees more numbers of schools upgraded to a new level in the coming days, thereby generating more enthusiasm among the teachers and students to come up with more creative models in ICT enabled education.

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