Beware of fake KSEB SMS & Complaint website


Trivandrum: People who search online for a KSEB Customer Service Number or an online option for filing KSEB complaints would have come across with the caption ‘KSEB SMS Complaint Management System’. Although this site has been around for more than a year now, it’s only recently that the officials at Kerala State Electricity Board came to know of its existence and they were indeed surprised. Actually, it’s a fake website with all the markings of an official KSEB website.

Going by the look and feel, the website has been done professionally. There is a ‘Register’ page to write your complaints with a provision to fill all the details like Consumer No., Email and Mobile No. While most of the links are directed to the old KSEB website, it’s the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages which raised the suspicions. This made some people approach KSEB for cross checking.

Officials at the MIS Department at KSEB were indeed shocked to see this site with the KSEB logo and other details. What is worrying them is that there’s no way to find how many people would have shared their details through the Register page. Luckily there have been no complaints yet about the misuse of details.

A whois enquiry shows that the domain name has been registered on August 01, 2009 for Trikode Solutions, a Trivandrum based web solutions company. A case has being registered at the Cyber Crime Police Station at Trivandrum and a copy has been given to the DGP, Kerala Police in this regard by KSEB.

To know about how the case was solved, please read our follow up story ‘KSEB fake SMS & Complaint website insider’s job

Meanwhile, a Trikode Official has clarified that “We as Trikode Solutions has only purchased the domain for a company called Mobalive who has taken up the project and development. We have only helped this company in acquiring the domain name like we help 100s of other companies to register domains names.”

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Last updated Feb 24, 2015


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