Tata Docomo launches Photon Max Wi-Fi hotspot device


Bangalore: Tata Docomo Photon today announced the launch of revolutionary product Photon Max Wi-Fi. Tata Docomo customers can create their own Wi-Fi Zone anytime anywhere and access the internet through any device – laptop, desktop, tablet or phone.

The network effortlessly serves up to five devices simultaneously. This device is powered by Qualcomm Gobi with Dual processor Technology ensuring faster and reliable connectivity for a superior multimedia experience. Photon Max Wi-Fi enables Multi Users and devices to be connected through a single touch point for Wi-Fi access thereby creating an internet Hot-Spot.

Speaking on the launch of Photon Max Wi-Fi, Elango T, President Operations, Mobility, Tata Docomo said, “While wireless data connectivity has greatly increased the level of the user experience on mobile devices, Photon Max Wi-Fi promises video speeds and will allow data-hungry applications to run seamlessly between multiple users. Our integrated Data play across CDMA, 2G and 3G networks has helped us become the Data leaders in the industry. We believe that data is the next frontier of growth that will offset slowing voice revenues and with products like Photon Max Wi-Fi will help boost the data revenues.”

Rohit Tandon, MBU Head, Tata Docomo said, “Standing tall on the fundamental tenet of simplifying consumer’s life, Photon Max Wi-Fi serves up a hassle-free experience for our consumers. Currently consumers have to juggle between multiple data plan options, technologies (3G, 2G, CDMA, etc.), operators and devices. With the launch of Photon Max Wi-Fi customers can now experience seamless, operator agnostic high speed internet access with single touch-point across multiple devices for individuals as well as home internet usage.”

Existing customers of Tata Docomo Photon can upgrade their services to Wi-Fi by simply buying a new device at just Rs 1,999. Moreover there is also a device cash back offer which makes the device free of cost in 13 months. Customers can opt from wide range of Wi-Fi Unlimited plans starting from Rs 650 that offers 3GB unlimited data to Rs 1500 offering 15GB of unlimited data. Price conscious customers can opt for Pay as you go model and yet enjoy high speed internet access. New customers can also enjoy the same benefits as mentioned above.

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