Wipro-Cisco joint study finds hybrid cloud as the new normal


Bangalore: Wipro Ltd. and Cisco Systems unveiled a jointly commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting that forecasts large enterprises combining private and public cloud operations, often described as hybrid cloud computing. The September 2013 study titled ‘Transforming The Data Center -Navigating The Journey From Virtualization To Private Clouds’ notes that ‘hybrid cloud’ is becoming the new normal.

IT decision-makers report great interest in using IaaS in a hybrid cloud approach to complement on premises capacity, rather than replace it, and are planning for the impact that it will have on network operations and spending. While a hybrid approach promises cost savings and significant gains in IT and business flexibility, some concerns remain around how to manage and integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud services in a hybrid cloud architecture.

The study notes that 60% of the respondents believe virtualization will be the primary technology over the next 12 months. Banking, financial services and insurance companies strongly recognize the link between virtualization and private/hybrid cloud enablement with 97% of those surveyed highlighting this aspect.

The study also states that 25% of the respondents find that adopting IaaS as-a-service technology will drive IT organizations towards a hybrid cloud approach. More than half of those planning to use or using IaaS see ‘on-demand flexibility for hosting workloads on-premises or at a cloud service provider’ as a key benefit of going hybrid with their IaaS strategy. Flexibility to respond quickly to business needs also topped the list of key benefits associated with a hybrid model.

“We have observed that while private and hybrid cloud is gaining significant mind-share across the Asia-Pacific region, there are interesting differences in their investment criteria. Cost reduction remains top of the mind for nearly 80% of technology leaders in India, whereas expanding existing virtualization Investments is critical in both Australia and Singapore”, said Anuj Bhalla, VP & Global Business Unit Head, Product, System Integration & Maintenance Service, Wipro Ltd.

Rajesh Rege, Director, Cloud & Datacentre Sales, Cisco India & SAARC said “It’s clear that virtualization technologies are driving more flexibility in the data centre. However to realize the full potential; CIOs need to adopt a fabric-based approach that integrates compute, network, security, virtualization, and management solutions into a single, more efficient and simplified data centre platform. This approach maximizes the advantages of virtualization and facilitates automation, to increase efficiencies, productivity and agility.”

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Image Source: virtualizationpractice.com