Healthcare Start-up works on gesture based software for OTs


Trivandrum: InfoRich Technology, a start-up based in Thiruvananthapuram has begun a project on gesture based software for operation theatres. This will be a very useful and interactive tool in sterile operations rooms where doctors can view the critical medical data of patients including medical images without touching the screen during the surgery.

According to a statement, InfoRich has been constantly working on innovative concepts in the healthcare industry including interoperability standards and medical integration projects. The platform developed by the company is unique in terms of architecture and could be scaled up to Cloud computing.

Nishant Nambiar, Director & Founder, InfoRich said, “We are always looking at delivering the best hybrid solutions for our clients based in the healthcare space and projects like these keep us excited and motivated.”

The company is also working on another ambitious effort to set up a complete healthcare hub connecting all the entities like Patients, Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Lab’s, Radiology Centres, Insurance companies etc with a patient centric approach based on the studies done globally.

“We have plans to standardize the healthcare communication and interoperability data which can be used for effective implementation of medical referral and medical insurance programs with support from healthcare departments. We foresee a big revolution in health care arena and are looking at partnerships to make this a reality”, added Nishant.

After its recent entry into the Australian market working on integration projects in healthcare and participation in the HIMMS exhibition in New Orleans USA, the Company seems to be well poised to understand the needs in various countries health care scenarios.

Founded in 2012, Inforich Technology is a promising start-up in the technology space which fills the gap for innovation in healthcare and other domains

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