CET hosts International Conference on Communication & Computing


Trivandrum: An International Conference on Control, Communication & Computing (ICCC 2013) organised by the College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET), with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as technical co-sponsor, got off to a start in Thiruvananthapuram today.

The second edition of the International Conference on Control, Communication & Computing was inaugurated by Dr. J Letha, Director of Technical Education, Government of Kerala. In her inaugural address, Dr. Letha highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary approach in research in engineering and technology. R Srinivasan, IEEE Kerala Section Chair released the proceedings of the conference.

In the first plenary session, Dr. Prahald Vadakkepat of Singapore National University talked about ‘Bipedalism and Cognition’ in the area of Robotics. Bipedalism is a desired property of modern robots with which human-like morphology and motion capabilities are realised. Bipedal robots have greater potentials in living environments created for humans. There are robots that can dance or do similar things. But at present their performance is far from perfect.

“Building human like robots with high precision actuator movements and real intelligence and cognition against is the need of the hour. There is a long way to realize a fully capable bipedal robot. We may think of football team of robots by the year 2050”, he said while presenting the limitations and challenges in this area.

In his keynote address on ‘Face Recognition’, Dr. Theo Gevers, Professor of University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, presented the recent developments in object recognition and face analysis for emotion recognition, smile recognition and taste appreciation. He emphasized the importance of computer vision for intelligent systems as this technology has applications in the field of safety, health and well being, surveillance and security and sports. He also demonstrated software tools for facial expression analysis.

About hundred technical papers are being presented in the three day conference which will conclude on December 15. Dr. S Sheela, Principal, College of Engineering Trivandrum and Dr. Vrinda V Nair, Organising Secretary of ICCC 2013, were among those present. The first edition of ICCC was held in 2010.

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