Digital Brand Group among global Gamification firms list


Trivandrum: Markets & Markets, an industry research firm, has listed the Technopark, Trivandrum based IT firm Digital Brand Group (DBG) in the group of 28 global companies that embraces the Gamification culture in day-to-day operations of their organisation. DBG is the only Indian company to make it to the list graced by global icons like Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Gamification is the art of tackling operational challenges within a work environment by following strategies normally envisaged in game-play. The idea is to carefully devise work tasks as game milestones to motivate employees to better their previous performance records without feeling bored or exhausted. Gamification is fast becoming a mainstay trend of enterprises globally as it improves quality of work, adherence to time schedules, self learning, freedom of choice and overall employee satisfaction. The global market for gamification is expected to be worth $5.5 billion by 2018.

According to a release, Digital Brand Group is officially the first company in India to promote gamification within the operational framework of an IT company and inculcate a positive turnover of employee productivity, which ultimately leads to better than expected results. Employees are given their respective levels of comfort and freedom to achieve their targeted milestones and rather than the normal IT pitfalls of pressurized environment, each employee feels that the better he outperforms his own previous accomplishments, the better his game-level proceeds. In this case, game-level directly implies work satisfaction as well as employee rewards.

Deepu S Nath, MD, DBG said, “In the light of our success, we aim to promote the concept and collaborate with enterprises which are seeking radical changes from their current exhaustive work practices which reduce employee satisfaction. We are working on an enterprise solution to cater exclusively to gamification needs”.

With this and many more attractive gamification innovations on the cards, including the release of a gamification engine to churn out customized gamification apps, the company looks all set to be one of the torchbearers of the gamification industry in India.

DBG is involved in the development of innovative technology solutions for global brands and new ventures. DBG is a full-service company with its head office in Newport Beach, California.

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  1. Sreenath Sasikumar on

    This is a great achievement. I just checked the list of firms in the report and being listed in this list is REALLY great. Kudos!

    12.1 Accenture
    12.2 Alive Mobile
    12.3 Arcaris Inc
    12.4 Badgeville
    12.5 Bigdoor Media
    12.6 Bunchball
    12.7 Crowdtwist
    12.8 Digital Brand Group
    12.9 Echo.It
    12.10 Fantasy Sales Team
    12.11 Gameffective
    12.12 Gaminside
    12.13 Globant
    12.14 Google
    12.15 Iactionable
    12.16 IBM
    12.17 Icon Platforms
    12.18 Keas
    12.19 Leveleleven
    12.20 Manumatix
    12.21 Microsoft
    12.22 Mplifyr/Seiian Rewards
    12.23 Persistent Systems-EMEE
    12.24 Plyfe
    12.25 Roarengine
    12.26 Salesforce
    12.27 SAP
    12.28 Yahoo

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