IT@School brings out new Class X ICT textbook with Animations & GIS


Tvm: The IT@School Project has prepared a new ICT (Information & Communication Technology) textbook for Standard X, to be used in Kerala from the next academic year. The new ICT book is designed to help the Secondary school students to learn creation of maps using the detailed Geographical Information System (GIS) and also to create their own Animation films. The textbook has been prepared entirely on Free Software (FOSS) platform.

The textbook includes as many as nine chapters on Website Creation, Hardware Troubleshooting, Computer Networking, Graphic Design, Database Management, ICT enabled learning, etc. According to K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School, “The new ICT book for Std X is a continuation of the ICT enabled learning which has been established in Std 8 in year 2010 and in Std 9 in 2011. It is a notable fact that no other State in the Country has included any of the above topics in secondary school textbooks.”
The new ICT textbook opens with the chapter titled ‘The Beautiful World of Pictures’ that equips students Graphic Designing activities like Logo creations using ‘Inkscape’ software. The subsequent chapter ‘ New Methods of Data Analysis’ gives the students an overview of Database Management through an activity to create their own Health Cards. The third chapter titled ‘My Resource Map’ introduces the Geographical Information System (GIS) to students and how to create Digital Maps using GIS for local area development programmes. Through the fourth and fifth chapters, students would learn more on computers, its components and various programming styles. By learning ‘Python’ programming language, students would not only learn ‘Functions’ and ‘String’s, but also various Visual Programming Styles.

The sixth chapter of the textbook ‘Lets Give Life to Sketches’ encourages the artistic capabilities of students through ICT tools with the use of Tupi Software by which students could create Two-dimensional animated movies. Students would learn computer networking processes such as sharing of files and printers, setting-up wireless networks, how to find the IP address of a computer etc in the seventh chapter which is named ‘Let us share information’. The next chapter titled ‘A Website for Us’ introduces the HTML editing software ‘KompoZer’ as well as ‘Drupal’ Web Content Management System to students by which they could create numerous web pages. The final chapter of the textbook which is ‘World in your Palms’ introduces the simulation software ‘Stellarium’ to students which gives a detailed insight on the celestial phenomena, which in other words is about the star groups.

Apart from the Malayalam version, the text book is also available in English, Tamil and Kannada languages. IT@School Project has also made arrangements for specific handbook for teachers as well as training programmes using video tutorials in order to ensure effective classroom transaction of the new ICT Textbook for Std X.

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