Andhra Pradesh to replicate Kochi-model Startup Village


Kochi: The Government of Andhra Pradesh has begun discussions with Kochi-based Startup Village seeking their support and expertise to set up a similar incubation facility in their State.

A high-level delegation led by IT Advisor to Andhra Government, J Satyanarayana met Startup Village CEO, Pranav Kumar Suresh and Infopark, Kochi CEO, Hrishikesh Nair at the Startup Village in Kalamassery.

It is a sign that the success of India’s first public-private partnership technology business incubator, which has transformed IT entrepreneurship in Kerala, is beginning to make other states sit up and take notice.

“We are really impressed with Startup Village and its functioning. We want to set up an incubation facility of a similar kind in Andhra Pradesh and are in consultation with the team here,” said Satyanarayana.

The Andhra delegation comprised Ajay Sawhney, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister; Sanjay Jaju IAS, Secretary, ITE&C; and Phani Chandra, Consultant, E&Y. The delegation had a visit to Infopark, Kochi also.

They looked at the facilities being provided to young innovators kick-starting their businesses from Startup Village and discussed the Student Entrepreneurship Policy launched by the Kerala government to promote the entrepreneurship culture among the youth.

Lauding Kerala’s Student Entrepreneurship Policy, Ajay said, “We want to create a similar ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh for promoting young entrepreneurs particularly by recommending to device a policy on the lines of the one in Kerala.”

“Startup village is a dream to create a billion dollar campus. When that dream becomes every state’s dream, it becomes a reality. We are very happy to see that our idea has become a trendsetter. The fact that a State like Andhra Pradesh, which got on relatively early on the IT bandwagon when compared to Kerala, should look to Startup Village for inspiration shows just how far we have come in these past two years,” said Startup Village Chairman, Sanjay Vijayakumar.

Pranav said that the delegation “was excited about the facilities and the kind of ecosystem we have created for the youngsters. We discussed about the support provided by the state government, the different levels of mentoring we provide to the startups and how we have managed to reach to student community in the colleges.”

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