Kochi to host seminar on Cyber Crimes in workplaces


Kochi: Internationally acclaimed cyber forensic expert will address the national seminar on Cyber Crimes in Workplaces in Kochi, Kerala on June 20, 2015. The seminar, organized by Corporate Relations Institute will focus on various possibilities of cyber abuses in government or corporate offices, along with measures to check such illegal practices.

Dr. P Vinod Bhattathiripad, internationally acclaimed cyber forensic expert and author of a book on software crimes will be the Principal Mentor of the seminar. Vinod, who has been instrumental in unearthing cyber evidence in many criminal cases in India and abroad is one among a few experts in the world with a doctorate on software crimes.

The primary objective of the seminar will be to help the participants to step-up cyber security at workplaces by reducing the knock on effects (of the increased use of digital devices) such as online threats, network intrusions, hacking attempts, data leakage etc. Secondly, the seminar will attempt to create awareness on the various means of breaches of cyber security which will not only leave cyber evidence (and so, can lead to or can be interpreted as cyber crimes) but can also attract long imprisonment.

“Casual application of emails and messages is one of the most rampant means for leaking important information pertaining to organizations. Financial frauds, identity thefts like unauthorized disclosure of names, telephone numbers, email id etc., digital violation of company policies, software piracy, illegal file sharing, supply of inferior IT products etc. can also lead to cyber crimes”, said Dr. Vinod. The impact of withdrawal of Section 66-A of the IT Act, 2000 in workplaces will also be debated during the seminar, he added.

The seminar will re-iterate the fact that even a small online / cyber slip (knowingly or otherwise) from the part of employees can turn out to be disastrous to their career and life.

Cyber crimes are complicated and attempts to control such offenses have become more complex. This seminar is an attempt to help employees to reduce various issues related to such insecurity. The seminar will prescribe ways to check cyber crimes in any (government or corporate) office including banking & NBFC institutions.

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