Cyber Forensics a tool to control Cyber Crimes: Expert


Kochi: Cyber Forensics is one of the best possible tools available to control the growing magnitude of cyber crimes, be it cyber financial fraud, identity theft, hacking, slacking, threat through emails, vulgar messages, misuse of telephone technology, use of computers for anti-national activities or viruses, according to Dr. P Vinod Bhattathiripad, an internationally acclaimed cyber forensic expert.

He was delivering the keynote address at a seminar on Cyber Crimes in Workplaces organized by Corporate Relations Institute, at Kochi. The seminar focussed on various possibilities of cyber abuses in government or corporate offices, along with measures to check such illegal practices.

Computer forensics or cyber forensics, an inter-disciplinary area spreading across the global use of computer technology and the law-enforcement has emerged as a new area that demands tremendous expertise and insights. Cyber forensics is the art and science of finding the hidden, the encrypted, deleted, pirated and/or destroyed digital information that will make you win your case, added Dr. Vinod, who is also a cyber forensic consultant to police, judiciary, income tax department and banks in India and abroad on cases concerning software piracy and digital data recovery issues.

The role of cyber forensic experts with hardcore experience in software engineering, database techniques and computer network engineering with flair for investigation and on legal aspects of this cyber abuse is important in identifying the crime, collecting, preserving and interpreting the evidence and in convincing the judiciary.

The judiciary solicits digital forensic evidence that is relevant, derived through scientific methods and supported by appropriate validation.

Data confidentiality is achieved mostly by using cryptographic and steganographic algorithms. In cryptography, the data are encrypted and thus kept hidden from anyone for whom it is not intended. Using a key, the intended user of the data can decrypt it, back into an intelligible form.

Sneha Sudhakaran, an expert in Cyber Security Engineering also spoke in the seminar. Sneha, proficient in the cyber forensic philosophy of watermarks is the first lady researcher from India to present her findings in the Digital Forensics Security and Law Conference held at Florida, US last month.

Officers from various companies, Kerala Police, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and Public Sector Undertakings attended the one day seminar.

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