India infotech’s decade of significance


Tvm:  The India IT Summit, now underway in Kovalam, has triggered an interesting spark that stands the chance of being deliberated in detail in the coming days, even off the summit venue perhaps.

A question that pops up whenever biz-oriented techies gather relates to whether IT can play savior, in these times of slowdown and subsequent ills. If you happened to be one among the many at the inaugural session, IBS top boss VK Mathews’ forward-looking thoughts could have provided you with an answer. From what he tried to drive home, it seemed like the answer was loud and clear. IT, he said, is truly influencing and transforming the way people live. He brought more smiles on our faces when he said, “this change will accelerate.”

Absolutely fascinating, indeed. IT has turned out to be the great savior –  contrary to what we all thought. At least, the India scene is rosy. Look back at the past decade, in case you disagree. With IT facilitating new business models on a global level, India’s contribution has been more as an “exporting producer of software” than consumer of IT. This is absolutely significant. Such a transformation has been effected during the past decade, thereby exhibiting the prowess of Indian infotech. To borrow Mathews’ words, the Indian IT industry transitioned through body shopping to system development and maintenance to strategic IT outsourcing. As the transformation process was on, MNCs set up massive offshore centres in India.

The emergence of big Indian IT companies, of the likes of TCS, Infosys, Wipro and many others, added the fighting spirit that India rarely experiences. Now what we see today is that hundreds of thousands of university graduates are turning towards IT.
With prime contributions being cost and scalability, and key strengths banking on technology and process competence, IT in India is definitely looking beyond the world. 

Customers today relate IT with value, as to how it can aid them in boosting revenue and market share, how it would help snip costs and as to how it can help manage growth. The growth face is on, relying heavily on the value part. India IT is logging on to newer domains.

Sanjeev Ramachandran
Kerala IT News


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