NeST sets up GPU Computing Centre


Tvm: NeST has set up a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) computing Centre of Excellence as part of its business focus on High performance Computing. The NVIDIA Centre for GPU Computing at the NeST premises in Technopark was inaugurated on December 16, 2009 by Dr. Bill Dally, Chief Scientist, NVIDIA.

The Centre is equipped with the latest products from NVIDIA and staffed by highly qualified and experienced engineers from NeST to develop High Performance Computing solutions for their customers. NeST will be providing CUDA Professional Services and GPGPU Multi-core services to their joint customers worldwide. NeST has also declared its plans to offer training services on NVIDIA-CUDA technology. R&D organizations as well as Academic institutions can avail the capabilities of this centre.

“It is completely clear that GPUs are now general purpose parallel computing processors with amazing graphics, and not just graphics chips any more,” said Bernhard Gleissner, VP (Sales – EMEA and India) , NVIDIA. “CUDA helps the GPU achieve great computational efficiency and many companies globally have already recognised this in their adoption of the CUDA architecture. With the launch of the NeST Centre of Excellence, the benefits of the parallel computing prowess of GPUs can be reaped by many more Indian and global organisations.”

“With the establishment of this Centre, NeST has acquired a key technology to provide GPU based solutions to the compute intensive problems of our customers” stated Mr. N Jehangir, Vice Chairman & MD, NeST Group. “The massively parallel floating point processors in the NVIDIA GPU architecture, delivers exceptional throughput to meet the demanding compute requirements of applications like medical imaging, industrial inspection, multimedia, modelling and simulation” said Mr. S Sasi Kumar, President, NeST Software.

CUDA, NVIDIA’s parallel computing architecture, accessible through an industry standard C language programming environment, has already delivered cost-effective multi gigaFLOP performance and revolutionized visual computing across industry domains. NeST’s Multicore Services Group will help harness the power of new generation GPUs from NVIDIA to deliver low-cost, fast-to-market products for their customers in the healthcare, security and consumer electronics domain.

NeST Software (Network Systems & Technologies (P) Ltd), is one of the leading companies in Technopark with business operations in the United States, Canada, India, Japan, Germany, Sweden  UK, & the Middle East.


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