Hiring good people is tough; hiring great people is the toughest


By Nanda Kumar

Needless to mention, success or failures of most organizations that have made name or ill-fame can be attributed to its people. The equation is simple — successful people drive successful companies; it’s never the other way round.


Like several other CEOs and team leaders, I spend substantial amount of my time trying to get the right people to work with SunTec. I am always on the lookout for people, who exude warmth and positive energy. People, who have this magnificent obsession about creating a compelling future while imbibing into their teams the vision of the organization — I would consider such individuals as my prized catch.


What else do I look for in a person, who I believe, can work with me? Resilience, experience, a positive-attitude, honesty, responsiveness – the list of such professional virtues could be endless. But, apart from all these, at the very basic level, the person, who I think, can work with me, should have the ability to excite and execute. He should be passionate about what he does or anticipates to do in the future. The ability to take tough decisions and of course, the courage to say ‘no’ is a must.


At senior levels I look for people, who have this fervor to surround themselves with smarter and better people. Moreover, they should also have the ability to lead such people from the front.


Having said all this, let me tell you another truth — there are no ‘short-cuts’ or ‘quick-fixes’ for hiring the right professional. If only I had one! But, I believe that at the core of a person should exist a passion for people and an indomitable will to win the right way.  


For running a successful organization it is not just enough to hire well. You need to imbibe a sense of personal investment into each of your employees. You need to build an organization of owners and entrepreneurs, who have an uncanny sense of responsibility, accountability and integrity. It is all in the culture you create; as they say it is all in the sauce!

About the Author

Nanda Kumar is the Founder President and CEO of SunTec Business Solutions, based in Trivandrum, India. After a five year stint in the Public Sector, he set up this venture. Over the past seventeen years, he has built SunTec into one of the more successful, Enterprise software product companies. Today SunTec has grown to a 400 member organisation with offices in the US, UK, Germany, Singapore and Dubai. Nanda Kumar is an expert in the transaction pricing and billing space.


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