Kerala IT runs TV ad blitz


A grab from one of the ads

Tvm: Kerala IT has launched a series of advertisements on leading television channels as part of its strategy to promote Kerala as an IT destination and to bring in more IT investments to the State. The IT Department’s two 15 second spots are now coming on a leading English News channel and its Business counterpart.

Talking to Kerala IT News, Nishanth Kumar, Sr. Manager (Business Development), Infopark said, “The awareness of Kerala as an IT destination among prospective IT Companies and Investors has always been there, especially across the last three years. The USP’s of Kerala as an IT destination like talent, cost, infrastructure etc., have also been drummed in for very long a time and moreover, with everyone saying the same thing it just tapers out. The new campaign looks at the often overlooked but very important facets for an IT destination and also highlights very key advantages that only an IT destination like Kerala can claim, like the quality of life here and that in Kerala you don’t have to navigate traffic jams to reach home on time.”

The first spot focus on the basic thought that in Kerala, IT Professionals can think out of the box. As per the brief – ‘When you’re confined to cubicles that cannot contain you, when you are bogged down by the sheer stress of navigating your way through the daily grind, imagination is the first causality. Innovative, beyond-the-brief solutions never happen. Before you get stuck in a rut, head for greener pastures – in every sense of the term’.

The second spot underlines the fact that in Kerala, Techies can reach home on time. ‘The quality of life here is outstanding. This will ensure quality time with family – not just on weekends but every single day, which in turn will gift you with a better frame of mind to innovate at work. And make sure that there is a method and a meaning to the madness’, says the brief for the ad.
The campaign started on March 03 and will end on March 23, 2010. The Department of IT is spending close to 45 lakhs on the campaign which includes the production cost and media release.

In case you have missed out on the ads, check them out on the official website of the Department of IT, Government of Kerala.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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