OneView to provide Hosted Video Surveillance in KSA


Tvm: OneView Systems Pvt. Ltd., an IT product company based in Technopark has signed an agreement with Sahara Net, a leading ISP in Saudi Arabia, to implement Hosted Video Surveillance solutions for its customers in the region.

OneView CMS, a full fledged web based Video Management solution has been designed to be the platform for Hosted Video Surveillance, an upcoming trend in the Surveillance Industry, world over. IP Cam Viewer, the mobile application for video surveillance from OneView, already being used world over on multiple devices including Nokia and Sony Ericson, is a value addition to Hosted Video Solutions. OneView has an elaborate road map for its video surveillance solutions, involving the advanced technology trends in mobile and web applications.

Srinivasan R, CEO, OneView Systems said, “OneView is the first Indian IT product company offering such innovative solutions on a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model to its end customers.” OneView will be operating this on a revenue sharing model with Sahara along with AL-Faris, its Saudi Arabian partner.

Traditional Video Surveillance systems which worked around analogue CCTV solutions are being switched over to fully digital network camera based systems. OneView’s R&D Centre in Technopark Trivandrum, has been carrying out extensive works in simplifying the Video Management solutions based on Network Cameras and Video Servers. The end customer with a typical requirement of 3-4 locations to be monitored, can purchase the service from their local ISP just like taking a pre-paid plan. The ISP supplies suitable network cameras which when plugged into the LAN or wireless within the customer premises enable the service. Customers can use the Internet browser to monitor the premises and can also facilitate local as well as remote recording (in ISP server), with playback possible over the browser interface. OneView Hosted Video Surveillance solution gives mobile viewing as a value addition.

OneView is in discussions with different ISPs to provide similar solutions in India. The intelligent video solutions being developed by OneView in association with leading academic and research institutions is expected to hit Indian market by first quarter of coming financial year.


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