Infosys to celebrate Earth Hour


Tvm: Infosys Technologies will observe Earth Hour on March 27, 2010 by switching off the lights at campuses worldwide. The Earth Hour at Infosys marks a week-long campaign to support the world’s largest global climate change initiative. In Trivandrum, Infosys has two facilities – one inside Technopark and another, a 50 acre campus adjacent to Technopark.

Various departments of the company including Security, Facilities and IT Department will be supporting this initiative by ensuring that the maximum numbers of power points are switched off during Earth Hour. Infosys’ Facilities team will monitor energy savings to gauge the power consumption before and during Earth Hour.

Infoscions have arranged ‘Switch-off Kiosks’ at food courts to encourage registration and participation in Earth Hour activities. An ‘Earth Habba’ is being organized, where ecopreneurs – eco-friendly entrepreneurs – will set up stalls to sell green products and services. ‘Tips to Take-away’, an initiative by employees, will share ten ‘earth worthy’ tips that individuals can pledge to practice every day.

The employees have also organized ‘Fun under Sun’ at amphitheatres on campus, where participants can exhibit their talent in 60 seconds. The acts will be filmed and aired on the in-house TV channel – InfyTV. Several Infoscions have volunteered to act as Earth Hour Ambassadors to observe Earth Hour in their residential neighborhoods.

The Earth Hour campaign at Infosys will conclude with ‘My 60 Minutes’, a program that will bring together the families of Infoscions for various activities during the ‘switch-off’ period. The activities include candlelit dinner, matchbox art, shadow puppets, light painting, star gazing, and night treks.


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