Vice Consul clears US Business Visa doubts


Tvm: The Group of Technopark Companies in association with the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Kerala Branch and Technopark organized an Interactive Session on US Business Visa and Business Executive Program with Ms. Amy Hirsch, Vice Consul from the US Consulate in Chennai at Technopark today.

Ms. Amy introduced the new DS-160 online application form that replaces the existing DS 156, 157 & 158 forms. She told about the features of the form and the precautions that applicants can take to ensure that their application is not rejected. DS-160 wants the applicant to upload a photo though the photo guidelines have not changed. There is however no change in the interview process. For the interview, the applicant needs to bring the only confirmation sheet with the barcode.

Ms. Amy also spoke in detail about the Business Executive Program for high volume travellers to US from established companies with significant workforce. BEP gives applicants priority access to the visa appointment calendar. The BEP member company’s applicant gets a colour coded folder which gives them preference. Others need to go through VFS.

An interactive session followed the presentation where representatives from various companies in Technopark got to field their queries about visa processing and other modalities while getting their doubts cleared. 

Earlier Mervin Alexander, CEO, Technopark welcomed Ms. Amy to Technopark. Sharing his personal experiences in getting an US visa, he asked all the participants to make the best use of this opportunity to interact with the Vice Consul. Syed Ibrahim, MD, Palnar Transmedia introduced Ms. Amy Hirsch while Binu Sankar, CEO, GTech wound up the session.


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