24,000 Unique Visits for supporttharoor.org in a Day


Tvm: ‘Retired hurt but not out’, well this is how Shashi Tharoor’s supporters in his constituency describe his innings as a Minister. ‘We are sure he will be back for the next innings’, that’s the confidence they have in him.

The Trivandrum MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor would have resigned as the Union Minister of State for External Affairs over his involvement in the Kochi IPL fiasco but there seems to be no end for the support that continues to build up online for him. After all he was the most net savvy minister yet.

On the forefront is the ‘Support Tharoor’ website which was created by three of his supporters here. According to sources in the web admin team, “The response has been overwhelming with over 24,000 unique visits in the last 24 hours itself and that too from all over the world.” At the time of writing this story, the number of pledges was going to cross the 11,250 mark. Multiple social networking sites and cross posting techniques are being used by his supporters to sustain the campaign. Over 4,500 people have shared this website on Facebook while about 1,150 tweets have also been sent.

Meanwhile Shashi Tharoor has also acknowledged the support on this site through his latest tweet, “Thank you for all the kind words on SupportTharoor.org. Means a great deal that so many have reached out to me at this time of trial”.

On the ‘Support Shashi Tharoor!!’ group on Facebook that was created by some of his supporters from Kochi, the number of members was touching 2,600. However, these numbers are quite less in contrast to this 7,33,212 followers on the microblogging service, Twitter.

While most messages on these websites are in support of him and his work, some of them do bring out the frustration against the system, politics and corruption. But the best message that goes with the spirit of Left’s own bastion is “Martyrdom is a powerful weapon, especially when the martyr is still alive. Red Salute, Comrade Tharoor!!

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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