Flytxt unveils upgraded version of Neon


Tvm: Flytxt, the Technopark based mobile marketing company, has unveiled a new enhanced version of its mobile marketing platform Neon by incorporating added capabilities in marketing agility and effectiveness, compared to existing marketing systems.

The new version can be deployed by mobile operators to run closed loop marketing campaigns within minutes, from a single web desktop, without the help of IT specialists.
According to Vinod Vasudevan, Group CEO, Flytxt, the entire marketing loop, comprising behavioural analytics, segmentation, campaign execution, ROI tracking, reward fulfillment and reward confirmation, is automated in real time in a single integrated platform.

Thomas Schuster, Co-founder and Senior VP – Product and Technology, Flytxt, added, “With existing marketing systems, it takes days or weeks to draw in necessary subscriber intelligence, design, run and analyse campaigns. They are too slow and unsuitable for the real-time medium, mobile, and the dynamic and diverse marketing environments of mobile operators. The latest release of Neon addresses the above challenges and shortens campaign cycles to the point where it is quicker to test a campaign concept than to debate it in a meeting.”

What is significant about the new version is that its centralised inventory management method gives mobile operators complete control and visibility over its marketing inventory across channels.  Neon automatically manages and intelligently maximises the return of all marketing impressions, and at the same time increases customer satisfaction, as communication frequency limits are automatically and centrally enforced. Schuster pointed out that the new version of Neon ‘sets a new benchmark in mobile marketing as it transforms marketing agility for operators and allows scaling marketing processes across different product teams, business partners and advertisers with a single centralised technology’.

Headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala; Flytxt has presence in New Delhi, Mumbai, London, Cape Town and Frankfurt.


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