Infosys to partner Alstom for next generation power solutions


Tvm: Infosys Technologies Limited and Alstom, a world leader in energy and rail transport infrastructure, today announced the expansion of their strategic partnership in areas of global Research and Development (R&D), Engineering and Engineering IT services.

This partnership envisages substantial strategic investments over the next five years to develop next generation solutions for the power sector. Infosys will provide support to Alstom Power’s global business units in core business areas including Product Development, Simulation, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Engineering IT. Infosys will also support Alstom in building knowledge management processes for its design and engineering teams. This collaborative operating model will enable Alstom to benefit from faster time-to-market for new products, customization and adaptation of existing products for emerging markets, while also sustaining its current offerings.
In a release, Philippe Joubert, President, Alstom Power said, “We see this long-term technological partnership with Infosys, a leader in Information System Technology, as one of the key drivers to developing the next generation of Alstom’s power solutions. Given our experience with Infosys and our confidence in their strong competencies, they are a natural partner of choice. This endeavour also underlines our commitment to invest in Asia, particularly in India.”
This engagement builds upon the existing relationship between Alstom and Infosys, which began in 2005 with the establishment of the Alstom R&D Centre at the Infosys campus in Mysore and now extends to all of Alstom Power’s business units. Most recently, an additional Alstom R&D centre has been established at the Infosys campus in Pune.
B G Srinivas, Member of Infosys’ Executive Council said, “Infosys has invested in engineering and technology specific centers-of-excellence to support Alstom Power globally. As Alstom Power strengthens its focus on emerging markets, we have been able to combine our deep understanding of their business and engineering processes with our extensive knowledge of these markets to function as an innovation hub for Alstom.”

Infosys has two development centres in Kerala, both in Trivandrum – one inside the Technopark campus and one adjacent to it.

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