Toonz Academy tie-up with CMC to expand training


Tvm: Toonz Academy has entered into a strategic tie-up with CMC Limited by which Toonz Academy’s animation, digital arts and multimedia courses will be offered through CMC centres across India.

The MoU was signed today by Radhakrishnan Nair, President, Toonz Academy and Rajendra Prasad, SBU Head (Education & Training), CMC Limited. Toonz Academy is the training division of the Technopark based Toonz Animation and CMC Limited is the educational consulting division of Tata Consultancy and a subsidiary of TCS.

Announcing the tie-up, Radhakrishnan Nair, President Toonz Academy said, “It’s a milestone achievement for Toonz and this will bring together the synergies of two pioneers in the IT Training field in India. Being part of an animation studio helps the students to get quality training and hands on experience.”

Rajendra Prasad, Head (E&T), CMC said, “The tie-up with Toonz will give us a head start in entering the animation and digital arts training arena. Toonz has the production capabilities and our students would benefit from this.”

To start off with, CMC would introduce the courses of Toonz Academy in 15 of their centres in South and East India. Toonz Academy has 12 centres of its own in different cities. The animation training would be done by the CMC staff who will be selected, trained and certified by Toonz Academy. Toonz Academy was started in 2002 as a fully owned subsidiary of Toonz Entertainment, the parent company of Toonz group.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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