Govt. issues guidelines for ICT enabled HS education


Tvm: The Department of General Education, Government of Kerala, through its [email protected] Project, has issued guidelines for ICT enabled education for the High Schools in Kerala. These guidelines would help in standardising the use of ICT while imparting quality training at the high school level.

According to a release from [email protected] Project, the guidelines for ICT enabled education for Standard Eight envisages the provision for IT teachers to seek the assistance of Subject teachers to transact relevant portions, if required. Detailed subject-wise ICT study would be conducted in the periods allocated for that subject in the timetable.

There will be IT Audits to ensure effective utilisation of ICT infrastructures at schools from this academic year. Educational Officers would monitor the activities in schools and this would mean including ‘ICT Enabled Education’ as a mandatory agenda in all the official meetings.

The guidelines also emphasise on special ICT training for all High School teachers. According to K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, [email protected] Project, the special ICT training for about 60,000 high school teachers would begin from May 18, 2010. All participants will get DVDs containing FOSS based Operating System, Text Books, Customised Softwares required for ICT enabled teaching like Geogebra, Marble, Rasmole, KStars, GPeriodic, etc. along with the relevant Instruction Manuals.

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