SeaView outreach at Abhaya Gramam


Tvm: As part of its ongoing CSR activity, the employees of SeaView, a Technopark based health BPO company visited Abhaya Gramam, situated on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram on 16 May 2010.

Abhaya Gramam hosts a number of institutions for the mentally challenged patients, girl children of socially rejected women and a de-addiction centre for the alcohol addicts in its sprawling 10 acre campus at Thachottukavu near Peyad.  SeaView’s social welfare committee ‘Reach’ which is its CSR initiative, donated uniforms, bags, geometry boxes, books and pens to about 60 girl students staying there. 

The employees also met the 30 odd mentally challenged patients undergoing free treatment and rehabilitation there and paid a visit to the daycare centre where the inmates are taught various crafts such as stitching and bag making. Later the inmates of Abhayabala presented a cultural programme which was followed by a community lunch hosted by Seaview for all the inmates. 

Subramanian, Manager of Abhaya Gramam explained the various activities of the centre.  Prof. Sugathakumari, eminent social activist and founder of Abhaya thanked the employees of Seaview for their noble gesture.

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