DE GR EE SH OW 10: Jun 05-12


Tvm: The College of Fine Arts Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram will feature an exhibition of painting, sculpture and applied arts from June 05 to June 12, 2010. Noted filmmaker Shri Adoor Gopalakrishnan will open the Degree Show on June 05.

DE GR EE SH OW 10 is a collective expression of a bunch of talented students, who are just out into the world of art. According to the organisers, “It is made such a mega event because of our hard work and the never ending desire to create and to improve our art. It includes the beats of a post- nuclear super speeding generation.” The show includes art works in the three departments – painting, sculpture and applied arts.

Please check out the Degree Show 10 blog to get more details about the exhibition.

Anil Philip


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