Tecom not to back off from SmartCity Kochi: CEO


Dubai: Tecom CEO Fareed Abdul Rehman has made it clear that they haven’t stepped back from the much delayed SmartCity Kochi project and such rumors are baseless. He said that they are still hoping that the Kerala Government would express their willingness to hold talks with the company.

Tecom CEO said this while interacting with journalists from Kerala at the SmartCity headquaters in Dubai. He addressed the journalists on various aspects of SmartCity Kochi and clarified their doubts about the project, adding that the delay in the project and allegations had adversely affected their image. The government had raised allegations against the company over and again without clarifying it, even though Tecom made it clear that recession hasn’t affected them. Tecom had suffered a loss of Rs.120 crores because of the delay. The money they have invested so far in the SmartCity Kochi project is from Dubai.

On Saturday, Fisheries Minister and Chairman of SmartCity Kochi, S Sarma had said that the government will be forced to take legal action against Tecom if they back out from the SmartCity project. The government would act to end the stalemate soon. The Minister also alleged that Tecom has failed to keep up the contract and blamed Tecom for unnecessarily delaying the project. The last Board meeting of SmartCity Kochi held on March 29, 2010 was inconclusive.

Meanwhile SmartCity has on Monday jumped on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon to keep its followers updated of its actions and announcements.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News

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