SmartCity jumps on to social media bandwagon


Dubai: SmartCity, the promotors of SmartCity Kochi and Malta projects, is now tweeting and interacting on Facebook. Given the way social media has become an essential tool of how businesses communicate with their stakeholders, followers and friends of ‘SmartCity News’ will be kept updated on news items, events, activities and developments of SmartCity Malta and SmartCity Kochi in Kerala.

A release from the company stated, SmartCity’s main aim is to further enhance their communication directly with the community and knowledge workers. Using such media will give SmartCity and its projects unprecedented level of access to over 400 million users of such networks. The interactive nature of social media will encourage various stakeholders to seek information, express support, participate and provide feedback to the various landmark projects promoted by the company which are not only transforming the lives of the citizens but also transforming the image of the locations.

By communicating through SmartCity’s social network, members may also recommend their group to other individuals interested in the topic or event under discussion. Using similar viral marketing techniques, SmartCity will be able to reach audiences that would otherwise be inaccessible using traditional marketing tools.  

Last week Kerala IT News was the first to report the news of SmartCity jumping on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon to keep its followers updated of its news and announcements.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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