Cyber Detective to launch Cyber Crime Helpline


Thrissur: Avanzo Charitable Trust, under the initiative of its managing trustee Ms.Dhanya Menon – Cyber Detective & Crime Investigator –  is all set to launch a toll free Cyber Crime helpline. The launch is scheduled on June 30, 2010. The toll free helpline number will be announced at the launching ceremony.

Dhanya came up with this idea of dedicated helpline for Cyber Crime as there has been a steady increase in cyber crime with the increasing proliferation of broadband and the subsequent use of Internet. Talking to Kerala IT News, Dhanya said, “I have been taking classes on cyber crime awareness in schools and colleges and I usually give my mail id to the students at the end of the talk. Initially I used to get about 20 mails a day with doubts and queries about various cyber crime issues, usually from 14 – 24 year olds. Of late, this number has crossed 100 and I observed that this increase coincided with the summer holidays. This helpline would go a long way in educating people and also to help them get prompt assistance in catching the virtual thief. As in the case of road accidents, any time lost will compromise the outcome of the result. ”

According to Dhanya, most people don’t have the basic awareness about cyber crimes and they also have reservations about reporting it, in case they are victims. The age old proverb, ‘prevention is better than cure’, holds good while using Internet. Some basic precautions will go a long way to help in protecting yourself from cyber crime.
Dhanya Menon is a management graduate and consultant on Information Security, Intellectual Property Rights on the cyber space, Security Audit and IT policy etc. She has been investigating various cyber related cases in India and abroad since 2006. “I have handled various training programs for Corporates and Government Departments. I have also helped some organisation in devising their IT policy, formulating email security policies and implementing the same and in training their staff on the subject etc.”, she adds.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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