[email protected] to provide 60K Teacher Resource DVDs


Tvm: The [email protected] Project, as part of its various initiatives in implementing complete ICT enabled education in Kerala, has developed a Resource DVD which would be distributed freely to 60,000 High School teachers in the state. Chief Minister, Shri V S Achuthanandan released the DVD on July 15, 2010.

The teachers would have complete freedom to copy, edit and re-distribute the contents in the DVD, which is prepared entirely on Free Software and is the first of its kind in the country. With an inbuilt auto-run facility and a total capacity of 8 GB, the DVD would facilitate the feel of an Online Software. The specific ICT training in this regard is being given to 60,000 teachers of the state, out of which 12,500 teachers have already been trained.

According to K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, [email protected] Project, “Through the release of the Resource DVD to all High School teachers, and by empowering them with specific ICT skills, it is aimed to implement a complete ICT enabled learning process at all classrooms in the state”.

The DVD comprises of various tools, software and features which are in line with the new ICT text book of Std 8, which itself is unique being completely based on ICT enabled education. Some of the features include introduction to office packages, painting software, special features on presentation software, tools for Science, Mathematics, Social Science etc. The DVD includes resource materials which would help in free software application such as Kalzium, KStars, Xrmap, Marble, K-Tech lab, Geogebra, GPeriodic, Ghemical, Sunclock, Exarmap etc.

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