Infosys to come out with Social Media Policy


Tvm: Infosicons, be careful what you tweet or post on Facebook, else you might loose your job. Infosys is all set to implement a social networking code of conduct for its employees. The company calls this as ‘social media policy’ and it contains all the ‘dos and don’ts’. The policy is ready and expected to be rolled out next month.

Nandita Gurjar, Sr. VP & Global Head (HR) said, “We plan to roll out a social media policy shortly. It would be a policy similar to a code of conduct of the company which employees would have to strictly adhere to. Such a policy is prevalent outside India”.

Apart from posts revealing projects or client engagements, there would be restrictions on passing personal comments about any person in the organisation. “The employees are free to air opinions but cannot pass personal comments”, she added. Those breaching the policy would face disciplinary action, including warning and in worst cases termination from services.
According to company sources, such a policy would make employees accountable for their comments on social media networks. The policy was prompted by the fact that employees were found discussing projects and client details on networking websites, which breached the clause of confidentiality. So no more bitching about your project or your colleagues on FB or Twitter from now on.

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