[email protected] to start Educational Reality Show on ViCTERS Channel


Tvm: In an effort to bring out the achievements of Government and Aided Schools in different areas, the [email protected] project of the Kerala Government will be starting an Educational Reality Show on its ViCTERS Channel. This show will be an attempt to integrate the learning elements with the societal roles of children. Both children and teachers will be presenting the achievement of their schools with the help of videos and IT enabled communication tools.

According to Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, [email protected], the objective of this project is to produce a 75 episode Educational Reality Show to select the best Government and Aided school in Kerala with focus on all round development and also to create a Web Portal that will give updated information on all aspects of the schools in Kerala with multimedia contents.

As part of this, 30 minutes documentary of selected 100 schools will be ready by December 2010.  Besides this, sector specific videos (Infrastructure, Academic, ICT based Education, etc) also will be produced and uploaded on the portal. The portal created as part of this will be an extension to the ‘School Wiki’ portal where different accepts of schools are given in a collaborative mode.

[email protected] is conducting the show with the help of CDIT. All this videos will be given to schools as part of [email protected]’s ‘Free Digital Library’ project. The eligibility and evaluation criteria along with prize details for this Educational Reality Show will be notified during the second week of September, 2010.

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