KSEB fake SMS & Complaint website insider’s job


Tvm: Kerala IT News had on Wednesday reported about a fake KSEB SMS website used for registering complaints. KSEB had registered a case with the Cyber Crime Police on Wednesday and now it has been revealed that it’s an insider’s job. The website was done by the Distribution wing of KSEB itself.

In what can be termed as a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, the Chief Engineer of Distribution, Trivandrum South has now admitted that the website was done by a team led by him. He had failed to inform the MIS Department of KSEB about this work. The idea was to provide a facility for customers to register their complaints through this website.

Officials at the MIS Department maintain that since they were not aware of the existence of this site and there was no authorisation for a project like this from them, they had no option but to approach the Cyber Crime Police Station. The enquiry from Cyber Crime Police may have prompted the CE to come out with his disclosure. Though this has been an embarrassment for KSEB, the authorities hope this incident will prove as a deterrent for others. The MIS Department has to approve any IT related project. KSEB plans to withdraw the case in the coming days. The contents of the website has since been removed.

Kerala IT News was the first to report this story. Please read our earlier report ‘Beware of fake KSEB SMS & Complaint website’.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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